Corporate Team Building Workshops

Create meaningful work relationships with our Team Building Workshops for your path to Business Success

Choose from a selection of stunning locations to hold your next team building activity, The beach, The Foreshore or the Jetty:

Workshop 1 - Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Hospital
Workshop 1 - Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Hospital
Get up close and personal with koalas in this 2 hour workshop provided by the Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Hospital. This workshop is great for those who are entertaining overseas guests. Give them a unique experience where they can view native animals, have a hands on experience and create memories that they can take home. Great photo opportunities.
This passionate not-for-profit team provide free emergency vet services to injured and orphaned wildlife with the aim or rehabilitation and release. They also participate in a wide variety of educational programs for students, carers, veterinary students and the public. Feel good knowing that you are contributing to this on-going service.
Percussion Drumming Workshop
Workshop 2 - Percussion Drumming Workshop
Provided by Adelaide’s own Andrew Stapleton, this exciting team building activity uses the power of drum rhythms to excite, invigorate and motivate your team. The outcome of this session is to have your work colleagues all drumming together on a short, powerful and cohesive rhythm together, using Brazilian Style Samba Drums and various percussion instruments. Ideally set on the foreshore, this workshop is a great way to improve team morale and demonstrate what you can achieve when you work together. Engage your team and transform your conference by communicating through the rhythm of our drums.
Beach Tai Chi or Boot Camp
Workshop 3 - Beach Tai Chi or Boot Camp
Motivate your team by enlisting them in a beach Tai Chi or boot camp. Qualified instructors can tailor a program to suit the needs of your group. Watch as your team learns to work together and meet the challenges they encounter, pushing themselves physically and mentally in the process! We cater to any fitness level, from beginners to advanced. Our workshops are designed to enhance healthy employee outcomes, create a renewed sense of physical well-being, sharpen mental skills, reduce stress and tension as well as transform attitudes, outlooks, compassion and understanding.
Art Classes & Cultural Workshops
Workshop 4 - Art Classes and Cultural Workshops
Whether you are looking to listen to traditional dreaming stories, want to learn how to throw
a boomerang on the beach or have an aboriginal painting lesson, we can organise a unique cultural experience for your group. This workshop is a great experience for overseas guests and those wanting to learn more about our indigenous history. Be entertained and immerse yourself in Australian culture while enjoying the beautiful surround of the Glenelg beach. Aboriginal cultures are complex and diverse, they go back at least 50,000 years. Indigenous communities keep their heritage alive by passing on their knowledge, arts, language, rituals and performances from one generation to another. They are proud of their heritage and enjoy sharing it with others. Your group will really enjoy this unique experience.

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