Magnificent 7 Burgers

Our Magnificent 7 Burgers are now even more magnificent with our great tasting new menu.

$19.50 each including fries plus a Stamford select beer or glass of wine.

Choose from the Magnificent 7 selection of mouth-watering burgers from around the world and savour the great open air courtyard atmosphere.

Come in, grab a loyalty card and start enjoying!

It’s nothing but magnificent!

The Magnificent Seven are -

Greek Lamb Burger
Marinated Lamb fillet burger, tabouleh, hommus and salad greens.
Italian Beef Burger
100% grain-fed prime beef, shaved Parma ham, fresh mozzarella and salad greens.
English Fish Burger
Grilled catch of the day, English style tartare sauce and salad greens.
Aussie Beef Burger
100% Grain-fed prime beef, bacon, pineapple, egg, cheese, beetroot and salad greens.
American Beef Burger
8oz of grain fed ground beef, cheese, caramelised onion relish, aioli and salad greens.
Mexican Chicken Burger
Grilled chicken breast with crushed avocado, molѐ sauce
and salad greens.
Lebanese Falafel Burger (v)
Chickpea falafel, tabouleh, grilled eggplant puree and salad greens

Available for lunch Monday to Friday at The Pav Bar.

(V) = Vegetarian. Gluten free burger rolls are available for no additional charge

Don't miss out on the ultimate burger experience!  

The Pav Bar


Greek Burger


English Burger


Italian Burger


Aussie Burger


America Burger


Mexico Burger


Lebanese Burger


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