Plan your school’s Japanese excursion to the hottest culinary production in town and enjoy an entertaining and fun taste of Japan at Kabuki Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant in Brisbane. 

Kabuki’s teppanyaki is the perfect place for budding Japanese students with a passion for this flavoursome cuisine.

Monday to Thursday Lunch or Dinner
$28 per person

Ume Set Teppanyaki Menu:

  • Miso soup
  • Appetiser including garden salad, steam rice and vegetables
  • Teriyaki chicken or beef
  • Fresh sliced fruits or green tea ice cream
  • Soft drinks/juice

Teppanyaki Grills seat 10 and 20 available and up to 80 seats in total.

For further information and bookings contact Restaurant Reservations on 3100 5749.

Kabuki school excursion