Mystery on Macquarie

Join us for the dinner event of the year which combines fine food with a devious murder mystery in collaboration with Host a Murder.

Saturday 22 June 2019 | from 5:30pm

It is 1936 at an English country mansion.

Sir Roger Waters-Downe, the wealthy owner of Waters-Downe Beverages Ltd, had invited several friends to a weekend party at his mansion.

On arrival they found Sir Roger dead – drowned in his swimming pool.

Three opposing wills have been discovered!

Who wrote them and who killed Sir Roger?

Will we ever find out who killed Sir Rodger Waters-Downe?

These questions will (hopefully) be solved during the course of this special dinner.

To enhance the theme - all guests are encouraged to dress in period appropriate costumes.



For more information: contact 02 9252 4600.

Dinner Menu for Mystery at Macquarie

(Alternate serve)


Cured Ocean Trout, avocado purée , Pickled Zucchini, Caviar (D/F, G/F)


Warm Pork belly, apple purée , shiitake mushroom, micro herbs (D/F, G/F)

Main Course

Pan seared salmon fillet, peas purée & chorizo, kipfler potatoes


Stuffed chicken fillet, soft polenta, broccolini, carrot and red wine jus


Lemon curd tart, crème fraîche, citrus glass, summer berries


Raspberry chocolate fondant, crème anglaise, dehydrated raspberries, macadamia ice cream

Menu items correct at time of publishing, but may be subject to change. Special dietary requests welcome, please indicate on booking form your requirements



Mystery on Macquarie Dinner