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Stamford's Black Label Enhancements

Stamford Grand Adelaide's signature Romance & Seduction package is the ultimate choice for incorrigible lovers.

Further enhancements to optimise a loving couple's intimacy include The Pure Love Lounge and Stamford's Recipe for Love aphrodisiac menu. 

These unique offerings are available under our "Stamford Black Label Enhancements".

Pure Love Lounge

Inspired by the natural curves and contours of the human body and specifically designed to comfortably conform with them, Stamford's Pure Love lounge is carefully hand crafted for loving couples to significantly enhance intimacy, increase pleasure and revolutionise your love making.

A vast range of exciting sexual positions are made possible, including the advanced positions of the Kama Sutra.

Other positions allow for greater eye contact, physical closeness and tantalising views, providing a significant enhancement to your sense of togetherness and intimacy - leading you to a longer and more pleasurable intimate time together. You can add the Pure Love Lounge to your experience for $60 per night*.

Caution - video is appropriate for ADULT viewing only.

Please enter password "lounge" to view on click through.


Personal Intimacy Pack

Couples can extend their shared pleasure with this tantalising couple's kit.[The kit is yours to keep]

This couple's set includes a contoured eye mask to restrict your partner's sight as you tease them with the powerful bullet vibrator.

Set also include two love dice so you can sex-plore each other! Roll the dice to discover what action you'll have to perform on which body part.

Add the Personal Intimacy Pack to your experience for only $60 (to keep) or combine it with the Pure Love Lounge for $110*.

Add a Black Label Enhancement

Contact our team via email to add any of these enhancements to your stay.

Discretion assured.